7 Tricks Every Social Media Manager Needs To Know

7 Tricks Every Social Media Manager Needs To Know

Every day people are sharing more than 200 million tweets and more than 1 billion Facebook posts. Digital marketing is very dynamic and with new trends surfacing practically every day, it can be a challenge to keep up with the new trends. If you are working as a Social Media marketing manager, you know that finding shortcuts can really save a day.

Forget about a creative mess and doing things in the last hour, if you are specialized in Social Media marketing, you’ll have to remember one thing: Being organized is everything.

I’m bringing you seven tricks that can save your time and make your work easier.

Social Media Calendar

If you are working with multiple clients, things can get a little bit harsh. Good Social Media strategy relies on analyzing and anticipating your client’s needs and knowing your audience. If you don’t know enough about your clients and your targeted audience, your results on Social Media platforms are not going to be representative.

You need something that is going to help you to have insights in every Social Media strategy that is currently active. Social Media calendar is a great way to have an overview in all of your Social Media channels and resources and it makes easier to organize them. It can save you hours of work.

If you don’t have time to make your own, there are some excellent Social Media calendars templates to download on the web:

Social Media Management

Brainstorming Software Apps

Brainstorming is a creative method to get great and innovative ideas for you Social Media strategy. It’s energizing and gets you motivated. There are some great brainstorming software apps that you can use to brainstorm quickly and efficiently:

I surely recommend Evernote. With the slogan: “Remeber everything" is pretty obvious why do they have one hundred million users all around the world. This magnificent app can scan and organize drawings, pencil notes and with their Optical Character Recognition they can even search for bad handwriting.

Get rid of the papers and forget about losing your business ideas.


Copywriting is a topic for a full and very detailed blog post. Right now, we’are going to speak about how to get inspiration to do a great copywriting. There are a lot of Social Media managers that are good at managing and organizing posts, but they struggle with creative writing.

The main secret is really simple: READ a lot AND WRITE even more. Good writing requires the art of you, beauty in your expression, and a variety of styles in your writing.

Try to recognize bad from good and extraordinary copywriting. Write good examples in your One Note and analyze them.

Don’t insist only on one approach. Try to write one copy in a couple of different styles. That is going to be good practice for your writing skills.

Don’t forget that your copy represents your client’s business, and it needs to anticipate his audience preferences.

Adobe Spark/Storytelling

I have included Adobe Spark in the list because this is one of the best resources for storytelling video templates. If you want to tell your story and you want to tell it right, then Adobe Spark is a must. It’s really easy to use and you can make videos like this in 2 minutes.

Brands create stories and stories create brands. The truth is, storytelling has never been bigger.

Competition Monitoring

Competition is a good friend that gives you the best information to do your job right. Before you start doing Social Media campaign for any client, try to do the research and analyze your competition in that niche first, and do that every month. That is going to give you valuable and useful information about how to make Social Media campaign that is going to be different and distinct from your competitors.

So, you need to get familiar with some of the great tools that are going to do all the hard work for you.

  • Simply Measured will give you automatically generated reports that include social traffic reports, objective measures of all major social platforms, as well as up-to-date insights on follower demographics and geography.
  • Raven is all in one SEO tool. You can examine competitors backlinks reports, gain insights on any site performance issues, and quickly access a comprehensive view of keyword ranking and on-page strategy, including anchor text.
  • Alexa is a competitive research tool that shows traffic trends for competing websites.
  • Mention allows you to find when you’re mentioned online and when your competitors are mentioned.


Bookmarking is not undiscovered, top secret tool, but is crucial for being efficient in your work. It allows you to organize web pages that you frequently use in folders.

Social Media Experts

Social Media Management

Follow Social Media influencers and sites that feed your news stream with relevant and updated information, newest trends and useful tips.

Here are some best online places to find latest trends and quality tips:

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