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Journey Of A Freelance Logo Designer

Working as a freelance logo designer can be a great thing with a lot of advantages. You have a possibility to choose only the projects that perfectly fit your graphic design style, and currently, you can find more than one hundred of available freelance platforms for that type of a job.

You can choose to work with whoever you want, whenever you want, and from any place you want. The only two things you need is your laptop and good internet connection, and you are ready to go! Basically, you are your own boss.

We have interviewed a self-educated logo designer Dzony99, who has more than two years of experience and more than 50 completed projects in his career so far.

Dzonny’s Journey

Ice Logo Design

The very first time I heard about logo design projects that are available for graphic designers online was in early 2014. A friend of mine introduced me a freelance platform for graphic designers – 99Designs, and after that, my life changed in a very positive way. He was studying graphic design and he was already a member on that platform with a status of “platinum designer“. I remember that I really liked what he showed me back then, so I decided to follow his path and start working as a freelance logo designer as well.

Strawberry Logo

I was spending a lot of my free time watching graphic design tutorials on Youtube, reading blogs about graphic design and learning the basics of vector programs.

Urban Logo Design

And I’m still doing it!

C N Logo design

Some of the best Youtube channels to learn about graphic and logo design that I would recommend are:

Design Course


Clever Mark

Stephen Looney

Today, I work as a full-time logo designer on 99Designs, but I also do other graphic work, such as designing business cards, vectors, icons, and more.

Bird Logo Design

In my short career as a freelance logo designer, I have managed to work with people from all around the world, and most of them were from United States of America and Asia. Besides that, I had a couple of private projects where I made WordPress websites and custom icons for these sites.

Sea Logo Design

The greatest thing about freelancing is that you learn something new every day and you make friendships trough the projects. The key is to love what you do, work a lot, and always search for new techniques that you can master to be a better designer. I always put primacy on a quality work, not quantity, and that would be my main advice for anyone who is willing to start his journey in a freelancing world. Take your time, read a brief carefully and think about the concept. Search for some inspiration online.

Time Logo Design

The internet has become one of the greatest places to find design inspiration. Most of the time I’m looking for inspiration for my design projects on Google images and Pinterest. Besides that, I’m always checking what’s happening on the other designer’s community websites, such as 99Designs, Behance, Graphic River, Graphic Burger, and many others.

Lion Logo Design

Press Logo Design


G A Logo

D Logo Design

Coffee Logo Design

Coaching and Consulting Logo

C Logo

Bird Logo

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